About Me

D.O.M. (Dominika Zurawska) was born in Bydgoszcz Poland in 1982. As a child she loved art, she found solitary pleasure in colours, patterns and making shapes and drawing anywhere she could. One of her favorite early artistic memory is being in her paternal aunts house, Marzena, who was also an artist, the smell of the turpentine still brings a warm smile to Dom’s face to this day. Dominika graduated from The High School of Art in Bydgoszcz before studying at The Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. Studying here brought many hopes and dreams alive, it also brought many challenges, Dominika was told that her painting would never be successful and she should only concentrate on sculpture. She clashed with the Dean of The Academy over this and it made her more determined than ever to prove herself. To finance her studies at The Academy Dom worked few jobs but her favorite and most colourful had to be at The Green Goose Cafe. The Green Goose allowed artists to stage exhibitions and so Dom’s first exhibition happened here, it was a roaring success, she sold all her work in one night, and this demonstrated to Dom what she already knew in her heart, that her future was in painting. She won Poznan Artist of the Year in 2005, prior to leaving The Academy of fine Arts in 2005. In 2006 Dom left Poland and moved to United Kingdom, this time her art was put on hold due to work and time constraints. In 2014 the decision was made that Dom should pursue her dreams and become a full time artist.Described by Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art as ‘exploring the spontaneity and drama of women in the world. The visual intensity and psychological drama in Dominika’s superb art captures the excitement and visceral mystique of the female silhouette. Her impassioned brushstrokes create a sensuous and unique artistic vision with a profound sensitivity and powerful interplay of light - the emotional and physical experience of women.’

About Me

’My art is expressive, dynamic and unapologetically loud. I transfer my thoughts and feelings straight onto the canvas and use strong contrasting colours to show energy, emotion and exuberance.’ She has since sold to private collectors in Australia, Germany, Greece, Norway, Poland and the United Kingdom. A painting of the singer Madonna, won approval from the celebrity herself, and has recently been delivered to her home in New York. Following on from her win of the Society of Women Artists Caron Keating Memorial Award, Dominika had several solo exhibitions in United Kingdom and abroad, regulary takes part in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen Art Fairs. Recently she exhibited for the first time at Barcelona Art Fair where she received public vote for best collection of art. Recently she also won Special Recognition Award for Exceptional Art in San Francisco (USA) and been announced a winner of International Contemporary Masters in Los Angeles (USA).  ‘To be one woman, you must be every woman. I try to capture women’s complexity, power, passion and form using bold colours and brush strokes. I follow instinct and intuition and back them up with technique. I sit in front of a new canvas and, when inspiration strikes, I express my thoughts and feelings in colour; working until the model’s image takes centre place and expresses her verve and her victory”.


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